Sunday, March 11, 2012

She is our philosopher, our guardian angel, our only comfort in times of distress. As we know it, a mother’s love is unconditional and everlasting. Readily forgiving, warmly encouraging and greatly inspiring, a mother is a blessing in disguise.
Her love and tenderness encompasses all the miseries life brings upon us. Playing many roles, she becomes a friend, a consoler, a teacher, someone you can always count on. Her smile makes the day brighter, her touch makes you feel warmer, her presence makes your life worthwhile, and she is the most valuable possession in our lives.

Similar is the story of Asma Barham, a Palestinian mother, who saved her sons life by donating her own kidney. The fifty-year-old mother of five did not hesitate over donating her kidney just to save the life of her twenty-three year old son Ebrahim Sharif. Admitted to the hospital with complains of severe health issues, he was diagnosed with kidney failure.  Suffering from kidney problems from the age of 11, Ebrahim will forever be grateful to his mother for saving his life by donating such a vital organ.

Supporting the family of Five, Asma Barham a widower, went through tough times in life after the sudden demise of her husband in 2000 due to cancer, Asma solely took up the responsibility of her children; two sons and three daughters.
Still grieving the death of her husband, Asma seems petrified over losing her son due to health related issues. To go beyond every way possible to save Ebrahim, Asma decided to donate her Kidney, one big sacrifice that only a mother could make for her child.

Ebrahim was gratified and full of praises for his mother, who made such a big sacrifice for her son. Seeing the family’s financial condition, the senior officials of the Palestinian Ministry of Social Affairs covered the two-way transportation expenses of the medical trip to Jordan, where the kidney transplant took place.

By Fathima Layeek

This feature is dedicated to all women with respect to International Women's Day annually celebrated on March 8th.