Friday, March 30, 2012

Here are some tips to spend Earth Hour effectively on your own. Check them out and tell us what  you're planning to do. If you have more ideas, do share!

Invite friends and relatives

Nothing’s better than spending time with the loved ones and at the same time you are spreading awareness about Earth hour. And engage in effective debates on ways to conserve energy.
       Light candles

Switch off all un-necessary electrical appliances and light up the rooms with natural candles, not petroleum based ones.

    Play games

With no technologic distractions, this is the perfect time to bond with the family. Re-live the childhood and engage in board games such as Ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, trivial pursuit with the family. And not to forget Charades, a game which doubles the fun; wherein by maintaining a verbal silence a person has to enact movie titles and words through actions to the team members.


With candles lit around the room, it might just be the perfect atmosphere to tell horror stories or maybe just sharing memories of the past with friends and family.

Light painting

These days every household is bound to have a DSLR, so why not try light painting. All you need is a re-chargeable torch and a DSLR, set to a slow shutter speed. Follow the link on how to light paint -

Take a nap

To kill time, one can just sleep during the Earth hour and conserve self’s energy.
Quick Facts about Earth Hour
·         Action was initiated in Sydney, Australia in 2007
·         Unified moment to celebrate is 8:30 – 9:30 P.M. in your local city.
·         Earth Hour is now spread across 135 countries
·         Earth Hour was formed by WWF Australia, Leo Burnett & Fairfax Media

If you are planning to spend the night out, you should check our the local spots celebrating Earth hour. 

So, how are you planning to spend the Earth Hour?

By Qudsiya Siddiqui 


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