Friday, April 13, 2012

Everyone wishes to have their dreams turned into reality, but there are factors which cause hindrance and raise a barrier in doing so. Young Bahraini film makers Noora Kamal and Aisha Almuqla directed a 2.5 minute silent film – ‘Movement [Ta7reek]’, where they experimented with exaggerated comedy to showcase how the family and society control an individual’s decisions in life.
Finalists to the official Gulf Shorts, the filmmakers believe that the times are changing and people’s attitudes are rapidly evolving. Aisha Almuqla says, “One should be proud of their culture and be open-minded when it comes to making decisions in life.”
Upon speaking to them it was found that, there is no such official existence of the Bahraini film industry as there is no kind of support being extended and the country lacks proper production houses.
Young Bahraini filmmakers Noor Kamal and Aisha Almuqla at GFF'12
Photo by: Hileri Bilakhia
“In Bahrain, there are only independent film makers, who make films on a personal budget. Being a filmmaker in Bahrain is considered as a hobby or just an activity, not accepted as a full-fledged career.” said Noora Kamal. Through this movie they hope to raise awareness about crucial issues that exist in the society and are glad to have received immense support from their families to step foot in the field of film making. 

By Qudsiya Siddiqui