Saturday, April 28, 2012

View 'The Lucky One' trailer

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One is an average story of a Marine named Logan played by Zac Efron. He finds himself facing death and is saved by what he believes is a picture of this girl named Beth (Taylor Schilling). He travels to Louisiana to find this girl (Taylor Schillingand falls in love with her.

The plot gets complicated with the presence of Keith (Beth’s ex-husband) and his possessiveness towards Ben, Beth and Keith’s child. With fabulous cinematography, the movie is worth the watch just because of a tremendous job done by Alar Kivilo. 

Overall, the plot is average and so are the performances. The buffed-up Zac Efron is a treat but with a slow pace and predictable storyline, the movie is not something the audience hasn’t experienced before.

Leaving nothing but a trail of disappointment, The Lucky One does not exceed the hype of the best selling author’s book.

 By Heena Makhijani


sanchez said...

I love Nicolas Sparks novels, they are so lovely! Thanks for your review on The Lucky One. I still want to watch it, I ran across it on Blockbuster @Home so as soon as it gets released it will be on its way to my house. Based off the trailer, it looks like a movie I would love to watch. Zac Efron sure has grown up. A few co-workers at Dish told me they went to see it and they really enjoyed the love story unfold.