Saturday, April 7, 2012

UAE Filmmaker, Khalid Al Abdulla 

‘Ice Cream’ is one of the official Gulf student competition entries at the 5th edition of the Gulf Film Festival, directed by UAE filmmaker, Khaled Al Abdulla. ‘Ice Cream’ is also one of the emerging finalists of over 40 entries made from Emirates.

The film is about a local boy who struggles to save a small amount of money that will buy him an ice cream that is easily affordable for his peers.

When asked, what inspired him to make this movie, the director said, “everything inspires me, but as far as this movie is concerned, I wanted to show a struggle of a boy just to buy an ice cream”.

He also suggests that some might not understand this concept. “I want them to take this as an art movie, which is without any dialogue-a silent film and want viewers to see the artistic side of it.”

Talking about the feedback he has received for his movie, he says that it “till now the film has received positive feedback, a few production companies have also approached me after this movie.”

Trailer to the silent short film, Ice Cream

In terms of challenges faced through the production of the film Abdulla said, “I shot it in a public place, so the crowd made it a bit tricky to work around, then also I had a very small crew but all my friends helped me a lot.”

The message that Khalid Al Abdulla wants he wants to convey through the film, Ice Cream is the struggle of everyday life for it’s the little hurdles in life that count.

By Nazia Fatma