Saturday, April 7, 2012

After displaying his animated movie called ‘Children’ in the Dubai International Film Festival in 2011, Mohammad Fikree once again showcases his movie at the fifth edition of Gulf Film Festival 2012.

UAE Filmmaker, Mohammed Fikree talks about his animated film, 'Children'
Mohammad Fikree is a 2D animator, who is also the producer, scriptwriter, cinematographer, editor and composer of his movies. ‘Children’is a short animation film that captures the drama of a mother and her children planning a desperate escape from a hungry beast that preys on them.

“The idea of man molesting children and the advises from mothers to stay away from strangers emerged long time ago. This thought inspired me to create a movie that would send out this message to the audience easily,” said Mohammad Fikree.

Watch the trailer of 'Children'

He also talked about the challenges faced during the production and creative process of his movie. “It took quite a while to build up the characters but the final outcome was satisfactory.” he said. With only two people in the production team, the overall time taken for the completion of this film is six months.

According to Mohammad Fikree, “'Children’ demonstrates a huge social message that would be easily digested by the audience, and it urges to bring about a change in the society.”

Fikree also stressed on the talent this region comprises of. “I believe there are many animators and talented filmmakers but they’re too shy to come forward and reveal themselves.” he added. Mohammad Fikree said that he is the most known animator because he showcases his work to the audience, which helps him gain recognition and people appreciate the talent.

By Maria Hussain

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