Friday, April 13, 2012

Aisha Abdullah’s short film ‘Beginning. End’ focuses on the immortality of human life of how there is a beginning and an end attached to it. The film is based on the life cycle demonstrating the phase of childhood till death.The suggestion for the film was provided by the scriptwriter, Ahmad Zain. Storytelling has netted an impressive response so far, as it done through the usage of shadows. The story is depicted with the help of strong shadows that were difficult to achieve in the cloudy days of Abu Dhabi, where the film is shot.

Aisha Abdullah talking about her film 'Beginning. End' at the GFF'12
Photo by: Lizelle Rodrigues

According to Aisha Abdullah, “The message we’re trying to send out through this film is that nothing is everlasting or eternal; everything has to end one day or the other. The example of human life makes it easy to demonstrate how an existence is obliterated someday or the other.” Aisha Abdullah is a passionate female filmmaker, who has won several awards such as first prize in the shorts category of the Al Nawa Media Awards in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). 

By Maria Hussain