Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egyptian filmmaker, Moustafa Zakaria
Photographs by Anzuma Akther
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After being awarded the “Best Student Film” at the Emirates Film Competition in 2008, for his movie ‘The Beggar and Moustafa’s Brain’, Moustafa Zakaria returns with yet another attention-grabbing film- ‘The Pillars’.

Based on chapters and according to the Five Pillars of Islam, the film is set in an unnamed city in the United Arab Emirates, ‘The Pillars’ depicts the story of a man who tries to restore his self-worth after realizing that he is useless. Within the same context, a woman is determined to move forward after realizing that she has a purpose. The man and woman were once married.

“This film is divided into five chapters, thus relating the idea to the Five Pillars of Islam”, said Moustafa Zakaria. 

He informed that the idea of the film was established long time ago, but there wasn’t a story that suited it perfectly. Moustafa finally found a story and concept that would go with the particular idea.According to Moustafa Zakaria, “People will surely have a recollection of the film. They will remember it in the future. Whether the audiences like it or not, the film does have an emotional texture attached to it.”

Satisfied with the final outcome of the movie, Moustafa Zakaria said that he was sure his film would get chosen at the Gulf Film Festival because of its subject matter. He believes that this movie is a step away from the melodrama that films usually consist of. 

“This film is a step away from what people usually expect or want to see in the gulf”, he said.

Moustafa Zakaria added that he is keen on sharing this 15 minute film because "it is something that people have never watched before."

By Maria Hussain