Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The UTSAV’12 team is back from Manipal, bringing back with them four awards!!

Manipal University, Dubai won in the following categories:

First position in Non classical Dance- Sudhakshina Shivkumar (BBA)

First position in Western Dance- Sudhakshina Shivkumar (BBA)

Second position in group singing (Western)-Melwyn Jonathan ( BBA), Gokul Warrier (Engineering), Irene Kuruvilla (BBA) and Sudhakshina Shivkumar

Second position in western solo (Western)- Irene Kuruvilla

It’s indeed very creditable that our students, in comparison to students in India who have so much exposure to music and dance lessons on a daily basis, have done brilliantly well. This is what fills us with pride for the efforts taken by them.

On the last day of the UTSAV, the students were pleased by Director, Dr.B. Ramjee's presence and his encouragement during the performances.

Faculties, Ms. Zakiya and Ms. Bhakti who accompanied the students for this event were extremely supportive at every point of time. Their presence was very helpful to students who were constantly on the move, performing in various venues.

A big shout out to the whole team and everyone who supported them, especially the ones who came for the final rehearsal to cheer them and made so many adjustments in assignment schedules to accommodate them.

Congratualtions once again and we hope this winning streak continues…