Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blood donations drives are done to help the blood banks of hospitals, healthcare facilities and even countries in need. While the cause itself is noble, it is important to remember a few points before donating your blood.


-Do check the facility you go to. Even if it’s a camp, it should have proper amenities along with qualified doctors and nurses.
-Do ensure you have eaten something before donating your blood.  Lack of food can cause giddiness, nausea and even loss of consciousness.
-Do make sure the syringes used are new. Old syringes may be contaminated and can cause deadly diseases.


-Don’t give blood if you have just come out of a viral infection or are undergoing treatment for an affliction
-Don’t donate blood if you have low hemoglobin levels.
-Don’t give blood if you have already given blood recently (one month or less).
-Don’t give blood if you’re under medicines like dutastrides that can be fatal to pregnant women receiving the blood.
-Don’t donate blood out of pressure from peers; it is a choice not a compulsion.

 Donating blood can save many lives. In today’s age of war and disease, blood demand usually outnumbers available blood supplies. But, as a donor, one must be careful to give blood only to a reputed or trustworthy organization that has qualified staff. Also, it is the responsibility of the donor to ensure he/she is completely honest about their medical history as infected blood can cause greater harm to a patient in need of blood.
One selfless act of yours can save a life.

You can donate blood tomorrow at Manipal University, Dubai. The department of Biotechnology have collaborated with Latifa (formerly Al Wasl Hospital) Hospital, Dubai organizing the 13th Blood donation drive in our university. Follow the link for more details.

-Rabab Kazi