Monday, May 28, 2012

The Sports Excellence Awards 2012, an annual award ceremony for recognition in sports throughout the year, was held on the 17th May 2012 at the campus auditorium, Manipal University, Dubai. Awards were given to students who excelled in the different fields of sports ranging from Cricket, Basketball, Football, Athletics and various other categories. 
All the recipients stand with Dr. Ramjee after the Awards Ceremony was complete
Along with these awards, the faculties of various departments were also awarded for their participation in the different sports activities, held for them during the academic year. With a mix of students and professors at the Awards this year, the ceremony saw a great effort of sportsmanship shown through the achievement of these awards.  
The university students get due recognition and get published in the Sports 360 on the 21st May 2012

From succeeding in the indoor cricket matches, playing volleyball, to throwing javelins and discuses, the students excelled at the activities and were given due recognition at the ceremony.  

By Christine Cherian