Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The students branch of American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in collaboration with Manipal university Dubai, Engineering Department organized a paper presentation on “Green buildings” on 19th April 2012.  

The event started with Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy welcoming the chief guest Mr. Rami Al Khalil, president Elect for ASHRAE Falcon Chapter 2011-2012 and thanking ASHRAE for providing grants for projects.
Students presenting papers on green buildings.
Mr. Rami Al Khalil introduced ASHRAE and how to become a member of the same.  He also elaborated some frequent codes and standards used in the HVAC industry. He explained the importance of certification program by ASHARE which are widely used in industries.
Mr. Abraham K Samuel, faculty of Manipal University-Dubai, Interior Design Department gave a presentation on green buildings and correlated Architects and Engineers how they can work together in the field of HVAC.
Further the program was continued with students’ paper presentation competition. The students presented various papers on the technology on green buildings and were appreciated by the chief guest.
Mr. Soham of 2nd year Mechanical Engineering,Manipal University Dubai
receiving 1st prize from chief guest, Mr. Rami Al Khalil.

Mr. Soham Shukla and Mr. Bharat M of second year Mechanical Engineering undergrad students of Manipal University Dubai received 1st prize.
Followed by Mr. Gavrav and Mr. Clifton also second year undergrad students of Mechanical Engineering at  Manipal University Dubai who bagged the 2nd prize.
Mr. Rami Al Khalil presented the prizes to the winners. He also presented an appreciation certificate from ASHRAE Falcon Chapter to Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy for his immense contribution towards the students’ activities of ASHRAE Falcon Chapter in UAE.

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