Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So this week, we decided to introduce you to a column written by our student journalist about the importance of friendships in one's life. Read through, you'll surely like it!

Flawed. Yes, as individuals we all have our flaws that draws us away from certain people. But these could be the very same qualities that bond us with others of our liking too.
As I sit in this city marking my very own territory of friendships I cherish, It does make me wonder how have we defined these lines between acquaintances, friends, good friends and best friends; and why some people, although not intimately involved in our lives, can still make a difference? While the world suffers with soul mate problems, one always finds solace in arms of an old friend, making friendship the Switzerland of relationships.

And like relationships, friendship also comes with social assessment. Some people are fascinating because of their sense of style, others in the way they talk; ones interests binds them with others of their own kind. And that is why you need so many people around you, sometimes to satiate your urge to discuss politics, or other times to appreciate greasy Chinese food, or help you pick out clothes.
As many of us value the blessings of our families, there is someone who isn't blood-related or obliged to be in your life, but just is. Look over your shoulder, or notice who is there when you need to talk to someone at 4 a.m. or the one you are not afraid to be at your worst with. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, A seven letter word, worth a lifetime indeed.

By Heena Makhijani