Saturday, June 23, 2012

The first day of college is still a fresh memory in my mind. The nervousness, mixed emotions and full of expectations! I walked in through Block 7 of DIAC, not knowing my way around, and hoping to find some familiar face. Luckily for me, I happened to over hear someone say ‘Media 3rd floor’.

Finding the classroom was easy… a class full of students, with nervous looks on their faces. Compared to the other classes which were loud and noisy, our class was quieter, except for a few who knew each other from school.

Three years have gone by since then. A journey filled with ups and downs. In these three years I found friends, I lost friends, all a part of life. Things that took 10 – 12 years to accomplish in school, we were able to do so in matter of three years.

In the first semester each one of us were getting to know the other person, wondering who will be there with them till college ends and even after. As time passed by, our own small separate groups were formed, and went on with our daily routine. It is not necessary for people you start off your college life, to be with you till the end. During this time people change, at least I personally know that I have changed; for better or for worse, I guess it is still for me to find out.

I still remember how nervous I was on the first day, wondering how I was to going to get accustomed to a huge class of 70 – 75 students.

I’m extremely glad to have had such great faculty members who taught and got me this far and friends who has been a wonderful support all the way along. I’m happy that I was able to do justice to both my parents and the faculty.

Will miss all my classmates and these days will be treasured. Wishing all of them the very best in all their endeavours they choose to continue to follow their dreams.

Thank you for the wonderful three years!

Now that I have all this on a post, it’s time to hit the books and ace the last semester exams!

Good luck cramming! 

Christine Cherian

The writer is a final year undergraduate media and communications student, specializing in Journalism.