Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lavanya Narayan: Winner of Rolling Stone ME - Journalism category

First year media and communications student, Lavanya Narayan was declared winner for the Rolling Stone internship program for the journalism category on 30th May 2012. 

After a month of rigorous challenges, Lavanya was chosen from 5 other finalists for the most coveted editorial internship that will enable her to work for one of the most re-owned and prestigious magazines in the world for the next two months, starting next week.

In order to be selected for the internship programme, a story idea was to be pitched in, with a reason as to why they chose the idea and also write an album review. Once selected into the final 5, they were given three different challenges. An album review was to be written, interview someone they found fascinating and a full length story on the idea they had pitched in.During this time their main aim was to continuously market themselves and blog on a daily basis (click her to read her posts)

“Being a freshman and winning this internship is definitely a huge deal for me. I hope to become an editor of a magazine like Rolling Stone someday, and this is surely a start towards that goal,”

“The lesson I learnt during this competition is that people are extremely competitive. They would go to any extreme to win this internship.” Lavanya mentions how one of the competitors painted herself blue to market herself in order to win.

Adding to our win, first year media and communications student, Brendan Lopes also made it to the top 5 finalists under the photography/creative category.

Both, Lavanya and Brendan were handpicked by an expert judging panel who studied their submissions in editorial and photography categories respectively qualifying them to the top 15 in April. (Click here to read more about their experience and how they were shortlisted.)

For those of who aren't sure what a big deal this is, Rolling Stone Middle East is the regional version of the U.S. - based magazine  devoted to music, movies, popular culture and current affairs.  This internship programme titled, “I want to work with Rolling Stone” was launched in 2009 as a selection program for students who are interested in making a mark in editorial, creative photography and digital marketing.
Manipal Dubai blog congratulate them and wish Lavanya and Brendan the very best. 

By Christine Cherian

The writer is a final year media and communications student specializing in journalism.