Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Approaching my final month of university. What are the feelings that should be going on in my mind?  Should I be nostalgic? ecstatic? wistful? apprehensive? There can be no dearth to the feelings that I am experiencing now.
In a frenzy to meet submission deadlines, exam preparations and job hunting, I for once and quite out of the blue, decided to put on the breaks and think about how I have traversed or rather, rambled through the most important journey of my life.  My mind had taken quite a philosophical bend and I found myself on wondering, why am I the way I am today, what should my next step be, where will that next step lead me to, will I be able to achieve what I had chalked out to achieve, so on and so forth. This never ending stream of questions seems like a paradox, where answers to a few questions give life to another round of questions and the circle is never ending.

I was a fresh eyed teenager when I started university, with dreams, which now in hindsight seem to be naïve, about the life that I would finally get to experience thanks to the ‘education’ that we had received from our movies that are shot through rose coloured camera lenses. But it was not to be. College was much more real, seeking to improve our minds and character through constant learning, coaching and assimilation of experiences. I can with a great degree of certainty say that I am a better person for it all.
I have made friends for life. Friends who I know and hope will be by my side through thick and thin. We have had our share or joys, sorrows and fun.  Moments have been bitter sweet no doubt, but will be treasured nevertheless. These moments are like keepsakes, that one just has to go through and memories come flooding in.
Who can ever forget our professors? These are people who inspire us to strive the maximum possible, stretch our abilities and to come out of our cozy little comfort zones to make our life meaningful. They have helped me in steering my life in the right direction, making me more self assured than what I was, and most importantly made me see challenges in a new light. I have now learnt that challenges are meant to make you and not break you.
All in all, the road has been smooth and it has been uneven, causing us to waver on our feet at times, but we have been able to emerge victors from it. I can sum it by saying that it has been a journey from a fresh eyed teenager to a fresh eyed adult.
The writer is a final year media student specializing in Visual Communication. 


Unknown said...

Wonderful thoughts on leaving college. A myriad of thoughts, insecurities and a feeling of nostalgia. A nicely written article.