Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early mornings, quick breakfasts, long commutes,day long classes , short breaks and exhausted evenings; the end of summer vacation and start of college.  In the summer my brain had somehow registered that the vacation will go on forever but when it ended after two months I realized that neither my body nor my mind were ready for the change. The night before the first day of college no matter how many sheep I counted I just couldn’t fall asleep. My brain kept saying “Sleep? When did this happen? Isn’t this the time to watch online TV shows or stupid funny videos on YouTube or play cooking games online?” I definitely didn’t get my beauty sleep that night.

On the first day I couldn’t help but compare my day at to my days during the vacation. I would have been sleeping till now, I would have been eating a nice hot lunch right now…and so on. However there was one thing that I really missed during the holidays, my friends. No matter how many times we messaged each other and called each it didn’t compare to actually physically meeting each other. Once I met my friends the early morning didn’t seem so bad and the classes not so long.

Since this was not my first year at college the faculty, the campus and the classes were already similar and I was less lost and less nervous than I was in my first year. As the week passed by I could actually feel my body get used to a proper schedule and I felt like my body was thanking me for sleeping on time and spending lesser time staring at any screen.  It also felt nice to start doing work, using my brain to think and do an assignment. I was actually excited about my first assignment even though I know that the feeling will definitely wear-off soon but for now it felt good.

As I sit in the cafeteria surrounded by friends whining about the next class and trying finish eating my food before its time for class, I realize that college is not all that bad. Maybe after ten years when I will be working all year without the luxury of two month summer break and awesome friends’ college would seem like some of the best days my life.

By Syeda Nawab Fathima

The writer is a final year Media and Communications student specializing in Journalism. 

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