Monday, October 8, 2012

Watch our coverage at the Consulate General of India on October 2nd to mark Gandhi Jayanti. 

The Consulate General of India, Dubai hosted a musical tribute on the occasion of Gandhi jayanthi, to mark the 143rd birth anniversary of our father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

His Excellency the Consul General of India, Sanjay Verma said, “What we have done today at the consulate is to celebrate Gandhiji and remember Gandhiji. The ethical and moralistic possessions that Gandhiji espoused are common not just to the Indians but universal so there is a little bit of Gandhi in each of us.”

The Consul General of Sri Lanka, His Excellency Abdul Rahim along with his wife were special guests at the function. After the programme, the guest Consul stated “Gandhiji has taught us to be a good human being, to be kind to people and to build a good society for future generations.”

Architect turned artist, Ashok Mody with one of his artworks at the exhibit
celebrating Gandhi at the  Indian Consulate, Dubai.
Photos by Srijita Chattopadhyay
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Noted artist Ashok Mody’s exhibition was also inaugurated before the cultural programme by Sanjay Verma. The paintings portrayed Gandhiji in various moods and colors.

“Whenever I have chosen Gandhiji as my subject I have always been satisfied by my painting. In fact, this is my third exhibition with Gandhiji as the main theme of my paintings.” said Ashok Mody who had travelled from India for the event.

The event set an atmosphere of celebration through the various Indian classical musical performances of songs associated with the life of Gandhiji. Performances included ‘Malhar’, a 25 member musical group based in Dubai; Abhirami Ajai, an upcoming musical prodigy; Ajmal Ali, a Hindustani classical singer and the renowned Carnatic singer, Dr. Vasumathi Badrinathan.

 It was a spiritual evening reminding us of a man who will always remain with us as an ideal human being, who taught us not only of physical freedom but spiritual as well. It also reminded the audience of our Gandhiji’s principles have risen above India and reaches out to the world.

By Syeda Nawab

The writer is a final year media and communications student specializing in journalism at Manipal University, Dubai.


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