Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three years have gone by and now it is that time of the year where we are almost set to wear those black gowns or robes and the cap on our heads. With Graduation just less than 3 days away, I’m filled with so much emotion, which is difficult to express so easily. When each of us started college this day seemed so far away, and now here we are all set to get our degrees and go out into the world and show what we are good at and how we can bring about a difference.
Last year I was on the other side of the stage wearing a blue T – shirt with ‘Media Crew’ written on the back with jeans, and wondering what it was like to be in a line waiting for my name to be called out and walking up on stage to get my degree. How time went by so fast I have no idea, and now it is time for me to be in that position where I have to wait in line, extremely excited and nervous and go up on stage when my name is called out.
The feeling is even more overwhelmed when my batch is considered to be the best batch so far. I could almost picture all of the excited faces of my classmates and our proud faculty, parents and friends looking up at us and cheering for us.
The 2012 graduating batch of Media and Communications

This being my first graduation the emotions are mixed and I’m trying hard to control the excitement. As time is ticking by and days going by faster, I’m really looking forward to this Saturday the 20th October. Can’t wait to see all my classmates once again and this time with all of us wearing those black robes and caps on our heads.
By Christine Cherian
The writer is currently pursuing her masters in Media and Communications in Manipal University, Dubai. The original article was posted on her blog.