Sunday, October 21, 2012

The graduates settle down for the ceremony to begin
Photographer: Srijita Chattopadhyay
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The 6th annual convocation ceremony for the graduating batch of 2012 was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel yesterday afternoon.
The dignitaries present at the ceremony included Dr.Ramdas M Pai Chancellor, Manipal University, India; Dr. K. Ramnarayan Vice Chancellor, Manipal University, India; Mr. S. Vaitheeswaran MD & CEO, Manipal Global Education Services( MaGE); His Excellency Mr. M.K Lokesh, Ambassador of India to the UAE and Dr. B. Ramjee, Director, Manipal University, Dubai.

The ceremony began with the procession followed by speeches from esteemed dignitaries who advised the fresh graduates on what lies ahead and how they can succeed in the real world. This occasion was also significant because, this year the first batch of engineers graduated from Manipal University, Dubai.

Dr. Ramjee beaming with pride at #MUgrad12
Photographer: Srijita Chattopadhyay
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Dr. Ramjee said that he felt like a proud parent of over 450 graduates who will now enter adulthood and that graduation is only the beginning and therefore called a commencement ceremony.

Padma Bhushan Dr. Pai also addressed the students, “Today my dear graduating students is a significant day in your educational career because this day you define yourself. This is the day when you transition from a playful impulsive adolescence to responsible duty bound adulthood.”

Mr. S. Vaitheeswaran spoke about the value system that the students learn at Manipal University which encompasses integrity, quality, transparency, fairness and innovation and that students must never forget these values.
The Indian Ambassador to UAE his Excellency Mr. M K Lokesh also spoke a few words and in his speech talked about the native Indian intelligence. He encouraged the students to use their intelligence to achieve their goals and emphasized on the importance of higher education.

Looking elegant in their black robes and mortarboard hats, the graduates were very proud and excited about graduating.
All set to face the world!
Photographer: Srijita Chattopadhyay
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“I still can’t believe this happening. This moment feels so surreal. I just don’t want to trip over my robe while I’m getting my degree.” said Anzuma Akhtar, a graduate of BA Media and Communications.

“It feels amazing to hold my proficiency certificate in my hand. Years of hard work has finally paid off” says Paul Thomas, a graduate of MA Business Administration.

When each student went on stage to receive his/her certificate you could see the parents cheering them both proud and happy for their children Mr M Udaya Kumar, a parent said, "I feel very proud of my son. Studying at Manipal Dubai, he has not only achieved his professional goals but personally he has become more responsible and mature." 

The graduates looked enthusiastic and ready to take their big step into a world with more challenges. We hope they succeed and go far without forgetting where they started their journey.

By Syeda Nawab Fathima

The writer is a media and communications student specializing in Journalism in Manipal University, Dubai.