Sunday, October 14, 2012

So this is what happened today....

"Felix Baumgartner fell from near-space about 23 miles above the Earth’s surface, breaking the speed of sound in the process. He became the first free-falling human to break the sound barrier. Baumgartner also collected three other world records: highest manned balloon flight, highest altitude jump (both will be 120,000 feet) and longest time in free fall (about five-and-a-half minutes)."

Lets see the Youtube page, where will find each and every detail of the entire mission:

Let's see what people on Facebook are saying and asking:

Now let us see the Tweets:

Looks like Wikipedia also put their Felix page up:

Lets see Felix's website now:

Lastly, lets also follow his blog:

 So a FAN yet?

Srijita Chattopadhyay