Sunday, November 18, 2012

One on one with Pakistani author Mirza Waheed at Sharjah International Book Fair. Click here for photos

Manipal Dubai Blog caught up with Pakistani novelist, Mirza Waheed at the Sharjah International Book Fair on 14th November 2012. Listen to our podcast with the author as he shares his thoughts and views on writing and expressing how one feels through short stories. 

Waheed also talks to us about his first novel, ‘The Collaborator’ that focuses on the India – Pakistan war over Kashmir in the 1990’s and is told through the eyes of 19 year old boy who lives through such difficult times. His debut novel was well received in almost every paper in India as well as Pakistan and UK. 

“He doesn’t have much knowledge, is young and naïve, and understands the situations by living through it,” said Waheed as he describes his protagonist.

Waheed grew up in Kashmir, during the time of the conflict, which began in 1989. “Pakistan came back with arms to fight the Indian army and I was a teenager at that time and you see it as a part of your growing up. You see it every day in front of you, and don’t know how to process it.”

As a journalist turned author, Waheed prefers online media over traditional media. He agrees that online media is an inevitable change and nothing can be done about it as people today prefer reading and subscribing to online media news rather than reading a newspaper. But if given a choice, Waheed still prefers the traditional print. 

By Christine Cherian

The writer is a first year MA Media and Communications student at Manipal University, Dubai.