Monday, December 3, 2012

You know that feeling when you know everyone’s looking at you while you walk the walk? You know all eyes are locked on your enthralling persona, your legendary vibes, and your ‘like a bawwss’ style.

Slap yourself thrice.

How wonderful it is to see you boys and girls come to college everyday only to get angry and worked up about silly things. You are going to walk up to a dude and tell him,"ey man! Don’t talk to my girl aite?".

‘My girl’, so you bought her? How much?

The worst is when dudes pick up fights over Facebook, one-message-at-a-time. The problem is, the deadly and ruthless pride lingers on even after they log-out. Let me put it in ‘bullet’ points so it is easier for you to grasp

1. This is not your age to have an attitude.
2.  Because you do not understand what attitude is.
3.  No that hot girl/guy does not notice you. They look at you for entertainment.
4. People do not want to mess with you the same way as people do not want to mess with Rakhi Sawant.
5. Al Pacino had gangs. You are more like the Alvin and the chipmunks.

It is your age, unfortunately, to be hot-headed. Do not translate that into an attitude. It makes you look a total jac fool (I was going to go for more than a ‘fool’ but I am forced to be nice). You know what happens with those kids who aren’t as hot-headed as you? They do a Bill Gates or Ambani out of their lives. Normal kids tend to make more friends than arrogant ones. They naturally learn the art of winning friends and command their respect for eternity.

So let’s get that nose from back into Earth, that accent back to their roots and that pride back to reality.

I will sign-off with a little incident that happened with a friend of mine back in college.

My friend Mr. X got into the radar of a douche bag, Mr. Z. One day, Mr. Z and his 9 chipmunks cornered Mr. X and threatened to beat him up with rods, chains etc. Mr. X told them, “aaj tum dus ho, mein ek hun. Jitna hosakay maar layna. Lekin agar mein bach gaya na, maa kasam, tum logon ki khair nahin. Aao, maaro! Maaro!

Translation: “Today you are ten, I am just one. Beat me up as much as possible. But if I survive today, I swear on my mother I will make you regret. Come, hit me! HIT ME!

They did not beat him up.

That right there ladies and gentlemen, is attitude.

By Leo Luca

As we all love a little mystery, this post was written by a student from Manipal University, Dubai who goes under the pseudonym of 'Leo Luca'. 

Our mystery blog writer who shares his wise-cracking columns every Monday and describes himself as a tall, fair and mirror cracking material who advises the lost and damned (a.k.a. teens) on various personality related issues like building confidence, developing a cool attitude and transforming low-butt jeans to low-waist jeans.

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Unknown said...

You're Hilarious!
And, Sensible at the same time :)
Good work!