Monday, January 21, 2013

Texting is really cool and convenient but what do you think about texting while driving?

Yeah, I know you have to give regular updates to your girlfriend/boyfriend about your adventurous day and what not; or have that urgent need to chat with a really pretty girl or a good looking handsome guy whose BBM pin you just managed to get a hold of. If I tell you not to - text and drive - this might be not be a big deal for you but if you aren't focused while driving, you not only put your own life at stake but other innocent drivers and pedestrians. 

I know what you're thinking, "I'm not a fool, I know what I'm doing, I was born to multitask. I'll be fine"

Let's chuck that over confidence right out your car window. We all think that it won't happen to us until it actually does. You already know the consequences of texting while driving, you've been told a thousand times, listened to awareness drives that told you the same and read countless of articles that went on and on about how dangerous it is. 

Based on my observation, most of us text because we’ve become absent minded and irresponsible. We take everything so lightly for we live in a suspension of disbelief where you won't find yourself in a "super-hero" scene where everything is fine and dandy if your car does spin out of control. 

By a small gesture of avoiding the use of mobile phones while driving, we can show our maturity and responsibility as young adults. 

Don't text away your life. Photo Credit: GD

Maybe you don’t care about being mature and responsible? Then I suggest you stop thinking about yourself for a second, thing about your parents, siblings or friends who anxiously  wait till you get back home safe. Just think what they would go through if something happens to you because of your carelessness.

Next time you're driving, try to avoid chatting or put up a status that says ‘Driving - DND’- and try not feeling tempted to text while waiting for the signal to turn green. If it's that urgent try calling that person with your earphones on or park!

This whole post will be for nothing if you don't value life or know the value of your existence because once its gone, it's gone forever!

Please spare out 5 minutes and watch the video below, based on a real life accident.

By Joel Jose

The writer is a second year MBA student at Manipal University, Dubai.