Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo source: Driving etiquette is something everyone claims to have, but, one quick trip to the grocery store proves driving etiquette is rarely followed on the roads these days!
In my opinion, the minute someone gets their license, they should have a manual of what to do and what not to on the road glued to their hands. I’m sure that everyone is super duper excited when they get their license; I’ve been there too. Everyone does it: Get their license, drive carefully for maybe the first six months and then they get lazy. Here are a few things I’ve noticed.
  • For God’s sake, can you stay in your lane? You were on your best behavior with your driving instructor, I assume? Can you just pretend that they’re sitting next to you with a displeased expression?
  • Don’t just hover in the middle of two lanes like you can’t decide. Signal and move!
  • Don’t drift left to right like you’re in some race against time. Use your indicators; they’re there for a reason. It makes other drivers cocky when they see you squeeze into gaps they didn’t think was possible.
  • Tailgating is highly annoying. What if I saw a cat and I didn’t want the poor thing to go on to his next life so soon and I slam the brakes? It really would serve you right. Then again, my car gets damaged too, so I won’t. Just a warning - I might do it for the insurance. Maybe. You never know.
  • Don’t flash, guys. Like continuously. Do it once, politely. In case I missed it the first time, ‘cos I was singing along to Pitbull, do it again. But not in succession. That just pisses me off. I will purposely not move and then the aforementioned point i.e. tailgating will occur and speaking from experience, tailgating is exhausting.
  • I would appreciate it if you paid attention to the speed limit. I know you want to show off with your super cool car and all, but I would be more impressed if you knew your speed and how to control it.
  • Please don’t butt in when I’ve waited in line. Yes, I understand, this is the only exit there is but if you come up right to the front and not wait in line like the rest of us poor slobs, I will curse you. I will hope and pray that your day goes bad (nothing too drastic, maybe that you spill coffee down your shirt), but seriously guys, don’t give me those puppy eyes. The drivers behind me will curse me and you which isn’t cool at all.
  • Road rage – everyone has it. It’s frustrating when there is traffic everywhere. Like come on, I just want to buy Maggi and a few additional vegetables. Why must I pay for the Salik tag when the supermarket is right there?! Do not lose your cool. It happens to everyone. Just take a deep breath and count to 10. Or 20.
  • Parking problems - Just learn in an empty parking lot then take your car out okay? I don’t want to have to squeeze into the last parking spot because you can’t tell a straight line from a crooked one.
  • Don’t double park in front of cars and then pull a Houdini. Leave a note, a number, anything. If you don’t, I might leave a few scratches :)
All aside though, please do remember that you are responsible for your life as well as the lives of people around you. A metal box won’t keep you safe, but your mind will.
Safe driving!
By Nabila Sharani
The writer is a first year postgraduate student of Media & Communication


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