Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Manipal Carnival was held at the Manipal University, Dubai campus on the 9th of may 2013. Every year the Carnival is hosted at the university to celebrate students who excel in dance, singing and acting.

This year the the students also celebrated the ethnic day with the Carnival which added to the festive spirits of the day. Students dressed in their traditional ethnic clothes and enjoyed a day of fun and leisure as they watched some amazing performances by their fellow college mates. This year the competitions included duet singing, duet dance, group dance and Kya Scene Hai (students reenact scenes from films). Many students eagerly participated to show off their talents.

"The Carnival is the event which most looked forward by the students. It not only allows the most talented students to display themselves but also provides a platform for other students who may not have taken part in the inter-college competitions. With no classes faculty and students can relax have a day of fun and enjoyment." says Mrs. Uma Prasad, the Student Services Officer.

The winners included:

Duet Singing
1st place- Danisha and Maryam
2nd place- Swapnesh and Asha
3rd place - Swapnesh and Altaf

Duet Dance
1st place- Vikyath and Kevin
2nd place- Geetu and Sangeeta
3rd place- Maryam and Zohra

Group Dance
1st place- Hardeep and group
2nd place- Kevin and group

Kya Scene Hai- Winners
Fatima and group- Sholay