Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In all honesty the thing that drew me in to watch this movie was the trailer. However, despite the amusing and chuckle-worthy trailer, I wasn’t expecting much. I was furiously hoping that all the funny parts had not been exhausted in making the trailer. Turns out, hoping paid off…well, atleast for the first half an hour.

As the movie started I was pleasantly surprised thinking, “hey, this isn’t half bad!” Sadly the comedic element of the movie soon ran its course and eventually felt like an injured runner trying to finish a race. The pace and outcome of the movie is quite predicable once the plot is established in the first 20 minutes. Towards the end I found myself looking staring at the tray of nachos that the person in front of me was eating, wishing I had picked some up too.

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In terms of acting, all characters play their parts really well, although sadly having watched all 10 seasons of FRIENDS it is now impossible for me to see Jennifer Aniston in any other character except Rachel. It’s now Rachel playing the role of Rose in this movie. Jason Sudeikis and WillPoulter deliver quite a performance, embracing the stereotypes that the scriptwriters chose for their characters. It was a pleasant to see Molly Quinn, since I was a once avid viewer of the TV show “Castle”, play a different role and play it quite well.

All in all, the movie is not awful, it’s entertaining but only for so long. The mixture of slapstick comedy and swearing has always worked, but the movie lacked substance. All in all, it’s a typical comedic drama; it makes you laugh, tries to melt your heart, but just doesn't quite cut it.  If you’re bored out of your mind or just procrastinating, go ahead and watch it but don’t expect to be falling out of your seat laughing.

Plot- 5/10
Acting- 5.5/10
Script- 5.5/10
Entertainment value- 5/10

Overall: 5.5/10

By Tarish Tolani

The writer is a second year Media & Communication undergrad student.