Wednesday, September 18, 2013

With a lot of new faces on campus, all set out to explore college life, I was keen to know how their first week in university was. Few of the freshers' shared their on-campus experiences and opinions from which we derived morals for.

A funny face (phase)

“This is one of the funny incidents that happened with me about four days back. My friend and I were attending Math class. 10 minutes later he started to complain that he couldn't understand anything. I asked him to relax because it’s just been 10 minutes since the class started. Somehow during the conversation I made a weird facial expression and the professor thought that I was making a face at him and threw me out of class. So yeah, it all went well!” said Randhir Harshid, first year Engineering student.

Moral of the story: Funny faces open or close doors.

Positive Vibe

“I’m new to Dubai. Back in India things were very different and fun but the atmosphere around here has a positive vibe. I feel comfortable although I have come all the way from India. Also the security guards around are real friendly. I look forward to having a good time here.” said Hannan Khan, first year Engineering student.

Moral of the story: Security always smile even when you do get into trouble! So don’t try anything!

Inspiring Teachers

“I was nervous in the beginning because everyone around me was new to me but now I’m slowly getting used to this place. I like the course and all the specializations. Print was what I found interesting in the beginning but now all the specializations look good to me. I have to say that the teachers are very inspiring and they make the subject a lot more interesting to us.” said Lippy Ramchandani, first year, Media & Communication student.

Moral of the story: Interest is the mind of the beholder. 

The Fun Side of Education

“School life was a different scene and the whole education system was different. Here education has a fun side to it. Like, Economics was a subject I never liked now it has suddenly turned out to be interesting. Thanks to the friendly and supportive teachers here.” said Amnah Khan, first year, Media & Communication student.

Moral of the story: Economics and marks are alike! It’s easy at first but keeps going up and down!

By Shahna Mohammed

The writer is a final year Media & Communication student specializing in Print & Online Journalism