Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fragile, was his state every night, 

Out of sight; dull seemed the days that passed.

Gloomy thoughts covered that wrinkled forehead,

A daughter who was old enough to get married,

A son whose education cost the same as the house they lived in,

"Questions would be asked";"What would they think?"

The so called "normal" concerns, always bothering him.

Responsibilities they are, no doubt but felt just like they were daily rituals,

His eyes, constantly widened and narrowed to focus on the objects around,

As if, looking for an escape, a way out of this endless turmoil.

The night was colder than usual,

The blanket started to feel thinner with each passing day,

And just like that

the thoughts, just like his mind and heart, stopped!

Fragile, was his state every night until it was no more. 

Poem by Mahavirsinh Rathod
The writer is a first year Media & Communication postgraduate student


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