Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A blind man's hand, I held,
And said,"can I help?"
"you can, my son."
He replied smilingly without even a question.
"handsome you look, sir" to let him know,
"oh yes, everybody says that but how do I trust?
He didn't miss a step to count,
22 steps and the walkway as he knew exactly.
"Be careful, it's about time that signal will turn green, walk fast!" his words amazed me.
Isn't our carelessness our blindness? It struck me.
Another 22 steps and we stepped onto the pavement.
"Thank you, dear" he spoke as he left
The blind man's stick taught him life.
And I thank him for teaching me life.

My disability gives chance to your sympathy.

By Mahavirsinh Rathod

The writer is a first year postgraduate student pursuing Media & Communication