Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nail Art is a creative way to decorate nails and a best vacation for plain nails. My passion for nail art has become very intense; I love trying new designs that are challenging and makes me improve my creativity.

I find art very interesting; it could be any kind of art. I feel very different and peaceful when I spend time for art; it has become a major part of my life. Something that always influences me towards art is designs and picturisations that I see daily makes me change it all into art.

Photo by Neesha Gameiro

My inspiration to start this was, a girl I met through an event who had beautiful artwork on her nails that attracted me towards it and made me enthusiastic about it. The first step I took forward to this passion was stripes that I tried on my nails; it was quiet successful and enjoyable although it wasn’t perfect but as it’s said ‘Practice makes man perfect,’ so I then continued with circles, squares, triangles and many other designs. 

The main task in nail art is that it’s not a canvas or a frame which has a lot of space to be designed, it’s more like a small scale to be stressed on and make a finished art work. Many a times I refer to Google to get an idea of different designs for nail art, and I also watch tutorials on YouTube it really helps in this learning process. There are different ways of decorating your nail like using nail stripes, nail stickers, water marble, nail jewels, blending color in nail polish. 

Nail art completes a woman’s beauty. You need to dedicate a lot of time and be very patient when it comes to deal with art. To learn nail art a person mainly requires willingness and persistence. The basic idea to start nail designing is treat it like a task, paint your nails with a base coat then make good contrast of two or more colors and design them into simple shapes.

By Neesha Gameiro

The writer is a first year undergraduate Media & Communication student. 


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