Friday, March 21, 2014

She is the answer to all the ‘Where is my…’ questions, she is the agony aunt, the counsellor and my best friend. Remember the time when you were too scared to speak in front of a large audience? The time when you thought you were going to blank out during the exams? The time when you were sick with a high fever and the time when someone you considered a best friend just became a stranger? There was this one person who stayed by my side through all these situations when nobody did, because I think she believed in me more than she did in herself.
A very happy mother’s day to you mom!!! I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me!!

Nothing is as special as a bond between a mother and a child. Happy Mother's Day!
Portrait by Juby Johnson
My mother, my superwoman, my best friend. It surprises me how she knows each and everything. “Mom, I can’t find my purse, have you se…” and voila, before I can complete the sentence she hands it to me!! Superheroes like Batman and Superman should not even dare to compete with her superpowers. My mum’s multitasking ability and selflessness is what surprises me the most!! It’s like she has 10 hands! While cooking my favorite dish, she hands me my favorite pair of jeans and ties my hair!
I just realized how all the above sentences include ‘me’ in it. It has nothing to do with my mother, yet she selflessly fulfills all my wishes.
I remember those little fights we would have in school, as kids: “My mother’s food is the best!” “No, my mother makes better food than your mother!!” Thinking about this makes me laugh and realize how silly we were but I have to admit that today, my way of expressing love for her may have changed but the feelings, they are still the same!! On second thoughts, I think, even today, I can start a “My mom is the best cook” fight!!!
Manipal Dubai students pour their love for their moms!!
Bushra Adam, 3rd year School of Life Sciences student says: “Love your mom, respect her, care for her, she is your light in darkness!! I love you mom. You are the best!!"
“From a lovely lullaby to the irresistible food, a mother’s love is the only thing you can see, smell taste, hear and feel” adds Karunya, first year student of School of Architecture.
First Year School of Life Sciences student, Priya Jangid, thanks her mum differently: “Mum, thank you for always standing by me even when no one else does. Though I wish you had told me when I was being stupid. I love you!!"
Rabeeha Abbas, first year School of Life Sciences student thinks words aren’t enough to express her love for her mum.
Asresha Karanam, first year student of School of Electronics and Communication recalls some beautiful lines that she read on ‘Goodreads’, a social cataloging website : “There is always a story behind everything, but behind all your stories is your mother’s story because her’s is where your’s begins!!
Tanvi Sheth, first year School of Life Sciences student, thanks her mom for sketching the outline of her character. It is because of her mother, she says that she has reached so far!!
Maa, mom, mumma, mere, amma, mommy, mum. She has many names. Its time we realize how much our mother does for us!! So let us all try to make this mother’s day special for our mums!! Let her take some rest while we try to become the mom of the house and carry out all the chores!! I don’t think we can ever match up to these superwomen, though!! I salute you mom!!
Written by Disha Dadlani
Portrait by Juby Johnson
The contributors are first year undergraduate students from the School of Media & Communication