Thursday, March 27, 2014

Have you seen posts on Facebook saying ‘No one cares about you unless you’re pretty, famous or simply Dead?' Odd isn’t it? And the worst part it; I’ve started to understand the gravity of this statement.

I’m so sick of looking at girls trying so hard and what for? Just to get a few compliments. From whom? People, who did not realize she existed until and unless she pulled her blouse a little lower, buttoned her skirt a little higher, puckered her lips and walked a little floozy. So odd, I tell you.

Like that’s not enough, people judge. Not that I don’t. But then again, I consciously and intentionally try to bring myself to the reality. Who am I? How can someone make a human being feel any less than they already are and feel rather ecstatic? 

Everyone is trying to fit in. Everyone is judgemental in their own way.
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For all you know, they might be fighting a battle inside them. Never underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty everyone is struggling. It’s just that some are better at hiding than the rest. I may seem much of a sermonizer but I speak out of past experiences.

Sometimes I think people just don’t care. Sometime I think maybe people are that naive and don’t realize the agony they cause other people.

I’m no psychologist and neither do I sit and try to figure out people. I have been through this and no I am not reticent to admit it.

I know how it is to walk and feel the judgemental looks of people burning behind my back. There have been days when I have questioned my every move, days when I have lived not for me, but for people. It’s been difficult, so suffocating it used to drive me crazy.

And let me just let you in on one thing. 

IF by chance you’re up and high on the notion that the little ‘blue pill’ or the little ‘yellow pill’ is going to make you feel any better, then that is just darn sad because that’s not what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen is that you are going to drown yourself in these pills and think that there is simply no way out from where you are at the moment. Then one fine day, one of the three things might happen. One, you’re going to be the same, two, You are going to have a self-intervention or three, someone is going to come along and pull you out of the mess you’re in.

I will not wait for my death to come around for me to feel loved or cared about or anywhere close to feel less miserable because the people I care about; don’t give two hoots about me.

Here’s to a BRAND NEW YOU! Remember to surround yourself with the presence of The Almighty, your family and your close mates. 

Stay safe, Stay strong.

Until next time,

Aditi Raturi

The writer is a first year undergraduate student in the School of Media & Communication.