Sunday, March 16, 2014

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 

Life is full of choices. The choices we make shape our future. Every decision that we take becomes a reason for what our life turns into tomorrow. Success and Failure are also choices. ‘Falling through’ is the first step on the long journey of finding success. Failure, if taken positively, will help any individual in the long run. But if failure is taken in a pessimistic way, it may never help to achieve success.

The choice to be taken here is whether to ‘give up’ or ‘take the next step’. When it comes to failure, it is our ego that tries to deny that we have made mistakes and that it’s time to make things right. We hardly notice the fact that failure is common – actually more common than success! Every person faces failure in their life at least once. The most genius minds have been moulded through failures. The people known to be successful today like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison failed, but never gave up.


Failure occurs when we try something beyond our limits and make mistakes. Success comes our way when we correct these mistakes. Every time we fail there is something new that we discover; there is something new that we learn. When we fail, we re-do. Re-doing equals practice. When we practice, we learn. When we learn, we get perfect at it. At the end of it we become successful.

One must know that both failure and success is not permanent. Success can only be reached, if you walk through failure. You can’t physically change failure; you can only change your mind-set towards it.

Running away from failure equals running away from success!

By Raina Felix D’Souza

The writer is a first year undergraduate student from the School of Media & Communication.