Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I sat by the grass,
looking ahead of me,
beneath lay,
the flowing blue waters,
surrounded by the mountains,
shielded by the grass,
And over the top,
shined the ultimate,
The ultimate spark of beauty,
The ball of fire,
with its rays protruding out,
from a secret within,
And then how could I forget the sides,
for this was complete beauty.

The clouds graced the scene,
And now as I looked,
Looked in totality,
I breathed the fresh air in,
Held it there,
felt the breeze swish by me,
felt the bird chirp while flying amidst those skies,
felt the wet grass beneath me,
felt the inner voice from me,
All in that held breath,
And I exhaled,
Slowly and Steadily,
Unwillingly though,
but waiting for the feeling right after that,
And now I was just getting into it,
the door had opened,
I felt better,
like never before,
In contrast to that routine of mine,
where people,
were my happiness mantra,
I sat here,with nobody,
nobody except me,
nobody except nature,
nobody except peace,
And here is where,
I felt back to life,
The true life,
The Life which meant,
Living in forever ecstasy,
and not,
Living in fake encounters.

-Karishma Hingorani
1st Year, BA Media & Communication