Monday, April 14, 2014

A day tour to visit the industry was no better way to bind students segregated by different specializations offered in ISM. 

Final year students of B.Sc. ISM visited social media agency, McCollins Media FZ LLC situated in the midst of sky touching skyscrapers with the magnificent scenic beauty of Dubai Media City on 2nd April 2014.

The School of Engineering and IT supported the occasion to organize the study trip where by student council members, Syed Humaid Pasha and Bhavika Makwana organized to make this endeavour successful, along with faculty co-ordinator, Mr. M I Jawid Nazir.

Students were welcomed and briefed about various departments by the Director, Ms. Meghna Kothari; Digital Strategist Sanjana Soman; Conceptual Copywriter, Pooja Udaikumar; Technical Lead, Rahas Majeed  and Art Director, Tyron.

Tyron and Pooja educated the students about the process of designing and developing mobile and web applications, starting from communicating with the clients, to conceptualization of the design and finally coding the functionality.

Why McCollins Media?

McCollins Media is a young and dynamic boutique agency specializing in Digital Brand Activation and Public Relations based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their Digital Brand Activation team crafts social media strategies, creates relations between a brand and its target audience, powers bloggers outreach programs and social commerce, and analyzes metrics of what works well for your brand. The team's capabilities are further augmented by the in-house app development team for desktop and mobile platforms and are able to execute mobile applications, digital video production and web design services.

Creating the offline buzz which is required for the brand amongst the media within the GCC is in the wheelhouse of their Public Relations team. From press conferences to product reviews and media training, they manage the complete offline reputation of a brand and integrate it online with their digital expertise - creating SOCIAL PR.

Dream Team

“The strength of the team is its individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

This is the company's ideal which the employees of McCollin’s believe in. Right from the director to conceptualizer and hardcore programmers, each member is responsible for building splendid user engaging apps.

One More Thing!

“PROMOTE”, “PROMOTE”, “PROMOTE”……that’s what all session was all about.

The most enlightening part of the visit to the company was the brain storm session. The main aim of this session was to generate quick ideas to promote a product or a service and form techniques to attract more customers to the given products. Students were divided into three teams to generate ideas and techniques for brand activation. 

Real-life products and services from multinational brands were given as a scenario to market the products. The products included Samsung, Fujifilm and BioDerma. In just few minutes, each team was ready with various techniques to uniquely promote their respective products allowing final year students to see the industry work environment and the guidelines to set our career and reach our goals. 

By Humaid