Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's two weeks into the academic year and we are most pleased to welcome our freshers to Manipal University Dubai Campus.

The new academic session has finally begun with a whole new set of innovative ideas created exclusively for our freshmen. With hopes, desires and dreams to be accomplished, all High School Graduates eagerly waiting to join University have now stepped into the most exciting and important phase of their lives.

It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s filled with a joyful atmosphere out here. That’s what defines University life. Everyone has their own dreams and expectations about how their college life would be. Some of you might be scared of getting bullied or ragged because that is exactly what movies these days have portrayed about college life and how it works. However, reality is far different from what we think of and see in movies. Of course there’s a lot more drama added in the world of movies and this doesn't really apply to our real-life.

So students, it’s time to start thinking real. Get off your world of imaginations and face your college life. It’s exciting and fun! And the best part about it is something that has haunted us all- the fear of ragging. It’s a thought that every student has had before their first day of university. There’s nothing to be scared about because ragging is non-existent and moreover, students here have totally re-defined the word “ragging”. Seniors express it as “a way of getting acquainted with juniors.” This is the ice-breaker session wherein you will need to get yourself introduced to a whole set of new people and make new friends i.e. your seniors. These seniors will be the ones who are always available to help you out and guide you throughout your college life.

The first day of college life being the “I’m so shy-day” has finally passed and now we can clearly see all our freshmen openly mingling around with one another, right from their classmates to seniors. Everyone seems to be far more comfortable than their very first day when they were all reluctant to open up.

That moment when you see students from different countries, cultures and various backgrounds all together at one platform interacting with one another and keeping aside their cultural differences is the best sight you would ever get to see. 

There are Iranians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Yemenis and a lot more nationalities. It’s an all new experience for our freshers who have this amazing opportunity to have friends of different nationalities through which one can learn about the lifestyles of different countries and probably break through stereotypes.
It’s this “Mixed-Nationality Environment” at this university that gives students an opportunity to crossing borders of different countries without any legal procedure.

Here are few freshmen who were interviewed and asked about how their experience at Manipal University, Dubai has been so far:

Photo courtesy of Afna Irum
"First day of university was GREAT! Got to know many new people and now it’s been a week I feel comfortable enough with everyone out here. The faculty are really cool. And, the environment, the campus altogether is good, much better than school."
-  Afna Irum  (School of Media & Communication)

Photo taken by Maryam Khan

"I find Manipal University Dubai, really good compared to all other universities. It has a standard, a name and is very recognized university. My father prefers it as he finds it safe for girls to study here compared to all the other universities around. My only concern is the "clinic facility." I hope there's a better clinic facility provided because that is the most important thing required in any institute. And about my seniors - all of them are really friendly. I got ragged but I made them do what I was doing. So basically, it wasn't ragging. It was fun to get to know them." 
 - Amina Zahwa (School of Business)

Earlier, I was studying back in Bangalore. And according to me, over here you tend to have more people coming from similar backgrounds. Freedom is more back in India of course, but the best part of being a student here at this university is that they put up course materials online. So that's really good. It's much better studying here because in India they don't really help you and you're clearly not aware of where you are heading."
- Christy (School of Architecture & Interior Design)

We are so glad that our freshers have started up with a very enthusiastic approach and hope they continue to keep their spirits high and strive to achieve more ahead.

From ragging to mingling, to bunking, and what not, college years are the best years of your life which you don’t want to miss out on. These college years will define your future and would definitely leave a lasting impact down your memory lane. Make sure you enjoy every bit of it but make sure you take your studies seriously at the same time.

We look forward to seeing our freshers as outstanding students leaving their footprints behind.

Cheers to our Freshers!!!  

By Maryam Khan

The writer is a final year undergraduate student in the School of Media & Communication specializing in Journalism