Thursday, October 30, 2014

Are you passionate about starting up your own business?

Manipal University Dubai is now a supporter of the Hadafi Women's Entrepreneurship Program in the MENA Region.

The Hadafi Program is meant for women above the age of 18 years who have started up with their business or are keen on starting up one. Most women are stereotyped as being emotional and not worthy of being a part of any business. However, women these days have broken those norms and traditions of sticking to the teaching profession or just sitting back at home and serving their family. Being a part of the business field is a great deal. Anyone can start up a business today so why not YOU?

This program strives hard on giving an opportunity to all women who wish to start up their own business. Be it textiles or an Abaya Boutique, an online store and what not. Hadafi is open to all women in the Middle Eastern and North African regions.

When you know you have it in you, and you have the potential then why not give yourself a push and register yourself at Hadafi? This Women's Entrepreneurship Program will help you realize your true business potential. With a fresh mind and a whole new set of fresh thoughts and creative ideas, being a young entrepreneur will help you learn a lot more throughout the years of your career.

If you are taking a step back only because you fear you have no idea about starting up a business, then you are mistaken. There is nothing to fear about starting up a business all by yourself. You need the courage to face it and once you have that courage in you, you will automatically see yourself flying high and breaking through obstacles to reach your business goals.

Started up in 2013, this program aims at working on providing all sorts of free training and workshops from well known business instructors to give you a brief on how to start up or continue your business. They provide better access to entrepreneurial learning resources, training, online webinars, finance and support, for you to achieve your goals.  
They also have various presentations and e-resources for you to learn more about starting up a business and business development and many more like: StartUp Costs and Expenses, What is Entrepreneurship, How to maximize Business Impact, How to build your business model etc.

Most women entrepreneurs share their experiences here at Hadafi and give you an insight to the world of business.

If you have what it takes to be the next successful women entrepreneur and are ready to accept this challenge and move forward in life right from the beginning of your career, then register at and gain business skills and great prizes. Turn your business ideas into reality.

Empower yourself and beat the obstacles! 

By Maryam Khan

The writer is a final year undergraduate student in the School of Media & Communication specializing in Journalism