Friday, October 17, 2014

Do you get excited about the anniversary of the Dubai metro like its your birthday? Are Al Nahda, Fahidi and Union words that have entered your regular vocabulary? Do you could forget your best friend’s number but not the RTA Hotline?  Is the metro and the public bus your usual mode of transport? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you.
Dubai Metro was initiated in 2009 is the most used transport today and why not? Its convenience and service has never ceased to impress and in fact has only gotten better with time. Being a regular commuter, I thought of typing a typical metro journey, in a comical way.

1)     You enter the station, almost zoom your way through the escalator, run to the platform towards the train that is preparing to leave, hoping for a second, like in the movie Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, your Raj would hold his hand out to you but its all in vain because ‘Al ubuaabu tughlaq’!

2)     You wait for the next train in despair and when it arrives, before you know it you’re pushing your way through the sudden sea of humanity. Not hard to guess that you’re at Union: A re-UNION of people and stations! So now you’re in the train, next dilemma: FIND A SEAT. Yes, that is in caps because it needs to be stressed that much. I remember once my mom out of concern asked me on the phone: “Disha, you’ve got a proper seat, right?” My response was a laugh. Seat? Getting a proper space to stand in the metro is hard; seat is just out of the question!
3)     So you’re standing in a corner, with people hovering around you. While holding onto the pole for support, you experience a blend of smells and of course not the good ones! You’re staring at the lady in front of you and giving her the sweetest smile ever, you even go as close as you can stand next to her, just to get that prospective seat when she gets up. But you’re not alone! That lady sure is getting a lot of fixed stares but no, you’re not going to give up! You hear a slight rustling of bags. “Yes, she’s going to get up!!” you think and dash for the seat and that’s when she picks up her phone from her bag. Uh-oh! You shift your gaze to your phone for a minute, raise your head and suddenly you’re smiling at another person.Yes, you had your chance and you missed it.

4)      After a good 45 minutes on your feet, your station arrives but who thought everyone would get down on this station? After trying to push your way out, and almost reaching the door, you hear the dreaded words again: “Al ubuabu tughlaq”.

Having typed all this, there’s no denying that the Dubai metro is one of the best things that has happened to Dubai . It definitely is a blessing in disguise, something that we have got so used to that we have forgotten its importance. Imagine a day without the metro. Hard,isn’t it?

- The Author; Disha Dadlani is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication and is currently in her second year.