Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday, 19th October marked a new milestone for Manipal University Dubai.  Theories taught in class will no longer be limited to just those four walls. Students from the School of Engineering & IT will now have an added advantage of being able to witness their theories come to life through the inauguration of the Robotics & Automobile Lab.

This occasion was graced by Dr. Ramdas Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University; Mr. Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education (MaGE); Dr. Ranjan Pai, CEO of MaGE (MENA); Mr. Vaitheeswaran, Managing Director; Ravi Panchanadan, Chief Executive Officer of Manipal Education, Dubai; Dr. Kota Reddy, Academic President Manipal University, Dubai and representatives of Nissan Arabian Automobile.

Delegates at the inauguration of the Lab
Dr. Ramdas Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University

Automobile Engineering Lab 

The Automobile Engineering lab showcases various components and mechanisms of an engine such as a cylinder block, cylinder head, crank shaft, cam shaft and even the Wiper Mechanism which demonstrated the circuit work behind the wiper of a car. The lab also features a working model of the 4 cylinder engine of the Nissan Tida; all of which is sponsored by Nissan Arabian Automobile

Equipment at the Automobile Engineering Lab

“The main aim of the automobile lab is to have an industry-academia partnership and give the students hands-on exposure to the latest technology,” said Dr. SK Pandey, Chairperson of the School of Engineering & IT at Manipal University, Dubai Campus.

Nissan Arabian Automobile is closely linked with Manipal University, Dubai. Three engineering students (Mohammad Ameen Izzuddin, Abdul Munaim & Divyakant Panti) from the University were chosen to receive training by Nissan Arabian Automobile where they were taught the various aspects of a car engine and how to identify and rectify engine faults. They were also given the opportunity to work for their Sport Car section (with models such as the 350Z, 370Z and GT-R).

“We have the knowledge of how a car works and how an engine is, but they taught us the electrical part of it. We see so much wiring but don’t know where it goes but by working for Nissan we got an idea of how it actually works,” said Divykant S. Patni, School of Engineering & IT.

This lab is a great asset to the University as well as the students. It will help the students gain hands-on experience with the car equipment by identifying its various components, and by learning how to build and assemble something similar or even better.

3D Printing and Robotics Lab

3D Printer at the engineering department - Manipal University Dubai

The 3D Printing and Robotics Lab has brought with it an entire prospect of innovation for the students at Manipal Dubai. With the induction of the 3D Printer students will now be able to literally print out components, 3D models as well as prototypes. There are currently three 3D printers currently set up in the lab.The printer is designed in such a fashion that it can print out any solid object, using ABS plastic. There is no limitation to the complexity of the object that is to be printed; any shape which can be designed on the computer.

“….Creativity is no longer a constrain.” said Mohandas Pai, the Chairman of Manipal Global Education in accordance of the 3D Printing Technology. He spoke about how the 3D Printing will help foster creativity and design not just in the large industries but in smaller creative enterprises. Conceptualization of a design will no longer be a limitation to the students as the most extreme and complex designs can be materialized through this innovation.

The university always strives for excellence and focuses of fostering the creative mind and the introduction of the Robotics & Automobile Lab will help students do just that. 

By Emma Dourado
The writer is an undergraduate student from School of Media and Communication specializing in Journalism.