Thursday, May 14, 2015

For the last four years, we have roamed the campus as students but we didn't know that things were going to change so suddenly when we stepped from the corridors of the third floor and into the Career Fair on 11th & 12th May 2015.

The Career Fair was a two day event where companies were going to come and evaluate us and then make us an offer, if they thought we would fit into their organisation. 

Evaluation would involve questions, ticking and crossing boxes, agreements and disagreements, nods and handshakes and the fear of these appraisals were already exhausting me! 

The arrangement was a simple one, you apply to the companies that interests you  and then wait for the interview in the other room where students were chatting and poking fun at each others suits. Some companies even gave a Pre-placement talk where they spoke about their mission, their products the job openings and the requirements of the candidates. 

I distinctly remember how impressed I was by the concise and logical sequence of these talks, and how every student (equally impressed) was pushing towards the hand that would take their resumes to the HR team of the Company. 

Torrecid was hiring across all majors while Kushal impressed us all with the fact that they hired only fresh graduates. Their training program was one that would  ensure a  smooth transition from Campus to Corporate, for these reasons Torrecid was one of the most sought after companies and the first day at Career Fair saw the maximum number of students clamoring towards it. 

Sobha developer was another big gun at the Career Fair.  Apart from the essential information which was given by Mr. Srinivassan, Mr. Ajay walked us through the entire process of construction from the bidding to the handover and also explained the roles of various people in the process, he motivated us to learn about all the aspects of the field and told us that we ourselves would define our market value in a few years. 

There were many other companies with whom we had a very similar experience Harwal, Clickon, Desert Group Falcon City to name a few. The interviews came after the talks and they weren't as stressful as we had thought mostly because the recruiters were very understanding and displayed extreme calmness and patience. However their calmness was unable to hide the one common factor that had set them apart in their fields a bursting and active passion for their work.

The fare was an invaluable experience to all who attended it, some students will leave with jobs some with an understanding of where they stand and what they need to improve on but we all will be leaving with something.

I applaud the efforts of the management and wish to convey the success of the 2015 Career Fair.

Ayush Kedia 
Civil Engineering (2015 Batch)


Sandy said...

Nice Article, thanks for sharing evaluation experience.