Wednesday, November 11, 2015

They put in hours of effort to ensure that your house is clean and work whole heartedly to serve their families back home. Giving a backseat to their problems, they work with a smile plastered on their faces, all day long. Staying away from family isn't a big deal for those who connect with their dear ones virtually, almost daily. But these unsung heroes find reasons to smile despite all the hardships they face.

What is Shukran Workers?
Expressing gratitude to house help or construction workers through food, money in times of crisis and clothes is common. But Mohit Bhojwani and Prakarti Lakhwani decided to do the unconventional by pulling it a notch higher. Conceptualized in 2014, a group of 12 young professionals, that call itself Shukran Workers, strive to go beyond the usual tospread smiles.
Despite a tight schedule and their 9-5 jobs, the team devotes time and works round the clock to give back to the poorer sections of the society, almost every month.

Shukran Workers’ Initiatives
Shukran Workers translates to ‘Thank You, Workers’ and that is exactly what the team aims to do through its initiatives; Hollywood and Bollywood movie screenings for male and female domestic workers, bearing in mind the diverse nationalities, (provision of popcorn, drinks and a dessert accompanied by games and activities) and care packages distributed to construction workers (inclusive of food and toiletries)
"My photo from the movie night event featured in the 7Days newspaper. I have saved that article and I'll always treasure that memory."recalled Claira,  an Indian domestic worker who works for a family in Bur Dubai.
Nepal Dil Se, was a counseling session organized by the team to tackle the problems of the Nepali diaspora in the region after the disastrous earthquake.

Say Shukran, students!
The team gladly opens its doors to students to volunteer through either cash or kind and is hoping to add to its team by trying to involve more fresh talent. Register as a volunteer by sending an inbox to the Shukran Workers team! Shukran Workers strikes the right chord by calling out to people to ‘register’ their house help for such events.

Nobody knows the joy of sharing like Shukran Workers
Source: Shukran Workers Facebook page

Register your house help!
A thank you is too less to express gratitude towards our house help. So, do good and feel better by registering your house help for the special movie nights! Call Mohit Bhojwani or Prakrati Lakhwani on 055-5353995/050-7055586 or connect with the team through their social media platform!

Why should I volunteer?
It is imperative that students understand that apart from making you feel good about yourself, volunteering is an activity that greatly adds to a CV.
At this stage, students are often swamped with work and have no time to spare. Any little time available is dedicated to internships to broaden career aspects. Priority is given to activities that reward.
"Volunteering may take the last space on a CV, but it's no way the last thing a prospective employer would consider while deciding if you are the right person for the job. It shows that you are taking time to help someone else, and are able of selfless behavior. That, in my book makes you stand out to any employer", said co founder of Shukran Workers, Prakarti Lakhwani.
So, the next time you ask yourself - why, first ask yourself – why not? Contribute to a smile that goes miles!

By Disha Dadlani

The writer is a final year Media & Communication student specializing in Journalism.