Monday, October 31, 2016

Sharjah Internation Children’s Film Festival is not all about movies. This time they let children know about their future by letting them see what it will be like.

 Movie posters decorated the walls. The hallways and rooms were filled with people seated to watch brand new short films made by directors from all over the world. A few of them even being high school students.  This was the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival or SICFF in short.

Picture 1

SICFF is organized by FUNN which was launched in 2013 and takes place every October. It is the first children film festival in the country and the region. Its main aim is to enhance the media literacy of children and young adults.
SICFF makes sure that this is done by holding workshops at the festival. These workshops are interactive fun sessions that showcases and teach children about various things related to film like basic video, confidence in front of a camera, cinematic make, animations, 3D characters and numerous other fields.
These workshops were held from morning 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday 24th till Friday 28th.
But movies are not the only thing that Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival is all about. It’s a gateway for children and young adults to explore and learn about various things about creativity and the field of media. This is what all the workshops are all about. And one such workshop was held by the company known as Pixelhunters, a leading 3D animation and game design company that specializes in creative 3D designs and animations, video games, virtual reality, visual effects, commercials and post production services.
They held a workshop called “How to Become the Leaders of Our Future” and talked about what is in store for kids in the future by developing a new device. A new technology that would give a quick peek into the professional fields they would like to choose. A technology that would be like taking a peek into the future. A device called Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

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The VR headset is a 360 degree 3-D virtual world vision goggles that is designed to create an atmosphere of a specific professional field and to have a sense of working in that environment. This device is aimed at college students to get a sense of how their chosen fields will be like.
“This device will help students chose professions like architecture, engineering, design etc. It’s mainly for students who will be starting college and leaving college” says Iliya Atanasov, Engineer and co-founder of Pixal Hunters.
Pixelhunters “We have been working on this project for two years. We first presented it in Gitex and now here at the Sharjah Film Festival” says Atanasov proudly.

But Virtual Reality device don’t just come with the headsets. Vision is just a part of it. The VR headsets also comes with hand held devices known as Trigons. These Trigons help the user move in their virtual world whether it’s to pick up objects or just simply walking forward.  These devise come in handy when the user works in architecture or design fields and they want to draw sketches or move materials from one place to the other.

Pixelhunters want to create a world where students will be able to experience and get a sense what their interested fields would be like so they can have a better understanding and take a more concrete decision for their future.
Children are the future of this world and the Sharjah Internation Children’s Film Festival ensure to doing their best into guiding the children of this generation and the generations to come into the right direction.

Written By Ameena J Navab
Final Year Print, School of Media and Communication