Tuesday, December 20, 2016

With the wide spread of technology, every individual now has their own standard of living. People are now watching a lot of regional movies. German, Turkish, Iranian, Lebanese are some of the languages which have started to reach a globally accepted platform in the film industry. They usually have suspense-packed movie with many twists and turns. In this generation films are not only providing people with entertainment or pleasure but it is also teaching them how to live their lives. With the technological advancements in this era, we cannot imagine our lives without movies.
Film festivals and film markets have become a medium for independent filmmakers to showcase their work globally.

Zeki Demirkubuz, a Turkish filmmaker, director and producer of the film “Ember” talks about the complexity of life through his film. It’s about a family where the man gets arrested and the wife has to support herself and her child (who needs a surgery). She starts working as a tailor but is eventually helped by her husband’s biggest enemy and ex-boss. The story takes a twist when the husband returns back and finds out that his ex-boss had helped his family.

Expressing his views on the interesting movie plot, Zeki Demirkubuz says, “The movie is all about human nature. It is how the mind reacts in certain situations and how humans tend to go with it. The story is what actual people face and how they deal with it in in their personal lives”.

He also talks about how the audience keeps expecting different angles for a movie because they want new stories. There is an uncertainty in what people think about the movie and how they judge the directors. Being independent filmmakers is very difficult because you have to go hand in hand with the big mainstream film makers otherwise the work done by independent film makers goes unnoticed.
He believes that the old tradition of people just watching what is shown to them is changed and in today’s time people want quality over quantity.

Ember - (L-R) producer and director Zeki Demirkubuz

On the other hand The French movie “Visiting ours” deals with the sensitive issue of the life of women in Paris. The movie directed by Rachida Brakni with the problems women have to face to meet their loved ones who have been imprisoned.



The movie is about the women who go to meet their loved ones in the outskirts of Paris to meet the men of the family. While visiting them they have to go through a lot of security check and immigration and they are abused by the police officers.

Cast of Visiting Ours - (L-R) Samira Brahmia and Zita Hanrot and translator - Najjar


Talking about their debut acting experience, Zita Hanrot and Samira Brahmia said that this is based on the true issues faced by women. “The topic being a sensitive issue made us believe in ourselves and it relates to the horrible lives of the people. Since not many men in the western world go to prison to meet their families, the women take charge of this matter. They are allowed to meet the prisoners once a month depending on their punishment”.

While filming on the life of the prisoners and the hardships faced by women, the film had to go through trouble convincing the government to allow the release of the film. But France being a democratic country didn’t have any objection regarding the release of the movie. “The people have the freedom to do and say whatever they want and the government cannot object this”, said Hanrot.

Reported by Sharmila Srikrishna