Monday, December 19, 2016

On Friday 9th, three well-known Hollywood celebs- Billy Nighy, Stephen Woolley and Lone Sherfig- walked the red carpet at the Dubai International Film Festival for the premiering of their much awaited movie ‘Their Finest’.

The movie is a British romantic comedy film directed by Danish director, writer and producer, Lone Sherfig. Their Finest is an adaptation of the book ‘The finest hour and a half’ by Lissa Evans about a couple of film makers who is trying to make a patriotic film about the Miracle of Dunkirk to boost morale of the British during The Blitz.

“It’s not easy to bring back the whole world war and old British world into the screen. You have to know what they dress like, what everything looks like. It’s really tough but we try to do our best in making it look as realistic as possible” said Sherfig.

Manipal Media Students reporting at the Dubai International Film Festival 2016

Bill Nighy, who acted as Davy Jones in Pirates of The Carribean and as Viktor in Underworld, was one of the top stars that played a supporting role in this movie as Ambrose Hilliard. “It was a pleasure working with him” said the Danish director as she smiled, “I have always wanted to work with Bill Nighy so it was a pleasure”

The film got mostly positive reviews in terms of the drama, the clichéd but ‘misty-eyes’ moment and Nighy well played Ambrose Hilliard.

The producer for this movie, Stephen Woolley, has made several critically acclaimed films including the Oscar winning movie- The Crying Game.

“I chose Their Finest because the female centric part in the whole world war time interested me” said Woolley, “I wanted to bring that on screen. It’s a romantic comedy that takes place in the midst of world war.”

Since he had made several award nominated movies and after winning an Oscar he said that it doesn’t really put him under pressure of meeting audience expectations. “You don’t make a movie by thinking this is going to be an Oscar winning movie. You just make a film and it unexpectedly wins an award. You can’t make movies thinking they will win an Oscar. It doesn’t work”

When asked about why he chose Dubai International Film Festival for the premiering of his movie he answered, “Movies are liked and made without boundaries. It is enjoyed by all cultures alike and Dubai is such an international country.”

Reported by Ameena Navab
Final year Print : School of Media and Communciation