Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The fourth speaker of the session was Alexandra Maia, who is the founder of House of Social. She spoke about the Role of Social Media in Business and Personal Branding. She introduced herself by talking about her journey over the years.

She started the proceeding by showing an ad by German sportswear Puma. She went on explain the term Personal Branding through different stages. The stages were: -
1) self-awareness
2) build your equity
3) Documents don’t create
She concluded her speech by asking the people about what they wanted their legacy to be. She asked all the people to set an example as a personal brand to everyone following them. She later had an interactive session with Salma Ummar and Viraj Asher, 2nd year students of Media and Communications, telling them and everyone present in the auditorium to take up any platform they’re comfortable with to grow themselves as a personal brand and grind themselves in the dirt (find the experience ourselves).

Written by Ridwan Aman