Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The final speaker of the session was Ms. Ambika Bhagat, who is an Assistant Professor in Media and Communications at Manipal University, Jaipur. She discussed about “The Reconstruction Of Male Identity In Popular Hindi Cinema”.

She started her speech with a news headline and explaining how the guy who committed the crime was inspired by Bollywood to commit his crime. She later classified the difference between the question of Paternity leave and Paid Maternity Leave. She gave further insight about how being a man has its own different stages.
She differentiated Gender Roles and Gender Identity, stating that the gender role is what a man is supposed to perform whereas Gender Identity defines a man. She also differentiated the economic arrangements between men and women – How the support is provided by men and how dependent are women and what has changed over the years. She also stated about the question of change for the male gender roles.
She later furthered her part of the session by giving the social construction of a man through films, Case in point ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. She described both the protagonist of the movie and the contrasting qualities with his father. She went on to describe the expectations from the protagonist’s character and how her love interest’s father sees in him.

She later differentiated between the Cinematic Realism and Cinematic Fantasy of a man in the movie, stating the difference between the two and how in absence of one of them, the male character becomes worthless. Especially without the absence of Fantasy, the realism bites the male character and leaves him in the dust. She concluded her part by stating the consequences from the expectations from the male character in the movie.