Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Assistant Proffessor Konrad Gunesch spoke about the importance of sustainability in tourism and its challenges at the annual Media and Communication Research Analysis Wing(MCRAW) conference today.

Konrad Gunesch is an Assistant Proffessor at the college of Media and Mass Communication at American University in the Emirates. He has numerous degrees ranging from politics to education and has had completed formal studies in languages. His current conference paper is based on global media's conciousness towards travel.

He definied travel of two types: fast and slow. Fast travel evoleves the idea of business-purposes travel while slow travel is based on students travelling. He commented on slow travel stating 'We only consider travelling if we have the right attitude' and explained about the role in media in promoting sustainability in tourism. He said 'The media has to play the role of creating awareness and educating the mass' and commented about fast travel saying “We live in a post-materialistic society in which it's become fashionable to look beyond the bottom line.”

The annual Media and Communication Research Analysis Wing(MCRAW) conference was held at Manipal University, Dubai Campus today, May 2, organized by the school of Media and Communication.

Written by Viraj Asher
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