Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The second speaker of the session was Ms. Abeer A. Abdalla. She happens to be the Assistant Director for PR and Communication, Brand Ambassador at Al Jazirah Corporation for Press, Printing and Publishing. She had gathered around to speak about eHakawati, which stands for Effective storytelling and subjective reality in the digital age. It is the ability to interact live with the people around the world through the norms of social media.


She then took up a famous quote said by Marshall McLuhan, one of her inspirations. The quote said “the medium is the message”. She elaborated this quote through the basic words in our world such as Media, Platform, Transmedia, Moment. She later explained saying ‘art imitating life imitating art’, which is one of the best contributors of social media in the current world.
She also spoke about the line saying ‘Perception for Reception’. She went on to explain what Transmedia is and showed that it has a development process through six different stages interrelated to each other, they are (story - experience - audience - platform - execution - business model). To simplify, she gave an example of Al Jazira, and how it became the first Saudi Arabian outlet to go online. Al Jazira also went on to launch J16 (a printing innovation suite).
She concluded her part by finishing off the activity that had taken place a day prior to MCRAW. Where she had started a workshop for the first and second year students of Media. She had divided all 18 people present in the workshop into 3 groups (Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram) and asked to perform an activity titled “I am Manipal and Manipal is…”. Aashna Raheja and Viraj Asher from 2nd year (representing Instagram and Snapchat respectively) and Calyn Fynn (representing Twitter) from first year went on to explain what their group had done.

Written by Ridwan Aman