Monday, May 1, 2017

The Grub House is home to mouth-watering Indian and Indo-Chinese food situated in International City, Dubai. Its friendly staff and big portion sizes makes it an ideal place for a good casual dining experience.

For starters, TGH offered both Indian and Indo-Chinese meals, starting with a Non-veg platter, paneer tikka, crispy chicken and crispy vegetables. The Non-veg platter included chicken, fish and mutton kebab served with cut vegetables while the paneer tikka was nothing less than soft and spicy. Alongside, both crispy vegetarian and non-vegetarian were served made with similar sauce making it easier to eat the crispy parts. All the starters meals are shareable by 2.

Crispy non-vegetarian and crispy vegetarian

Secondly, the restaurant served veg manchurian and veg noodles in vegetarian main course and served Chicken Bombaya Masala Biryani, Butter Matka Chicken and Chicken in Hong Kong style along with butter naan. The diversity in the main course was very evident with every meal served in different colors, from Veg Manchurian in brown-yellow to Chicken in Hong Kong style in red. Every main course meal had a different taste. Additionally, plain raita was served with Chicken Bombaya Masala Biryani.

Main course at The Grub House 

To top it all off, The Grub House served Gulab Jamun for dessert.

Lastly, The Grub House is sponsoring for the annual Media and Communication Research Analysis(MCRAW) conference held tomorrow at Manipal University, Dubai Campus.

Written by Viraj Asher